Home Use:
l Blood pressure units
l Feetflex
Surgical Use:
l Autoclave Sterilizers
l Percutaneous Tibial Neuromodulation
l Ranfac Insufflation Needles


Full Auto Fuzzy Logic Upper Arm blood Pressure Monitor

MODEL : BP - 1101A

The Fully Auto Fuzzy Blood Pressure Monitor, BP - 1101A makes it easy to accurately measure your blood pressure. Just wrap the cuff around your arm and press power only. Your blood pressure and pulse will quickly display on the easy to see L.C.D. with 6 digits.


Fuzzy logic system: The optimum inflation level with constant speed deflation function.

Memory recall: Built in 60 memory function enabling display of the previously measured value and current measurements with pulse.

Automatic power off: To be automatically cut off after 1 minute of non use to save energy.

One cuff size fits all.


· Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
· Cuff
· Storage case
· Instruction booklet

 *x 4 AA size alkaline batteries not supplied *

PRICE : $75 (including GST)

*the above price excludes packaging and postage*


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